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  • "Many factors drive uninterruptible power supply choice" -Electronic Products

    Manufacturers’ datasheets are written primarily for commercial markets. There is a wider spectrum of information needed to properly select a UPS for military applications. This article explores what to look for in a COTS UPS and discusses the advantages of a well-designed on-line double-conversion UPS.

  • "Is your back-up power ready?" -Medical Laboratory Observer

    This article explores the latest issues regarding backup power and power protection in the lab, including the latest regulatory standards and practical guidelines for disaster planning. It addresses the critical need for clean power to laboratory equipment to eliminate costly testing inaccuracies and downtime--and describes the levels of protection offered by different uninterruptible power systems (UPSs).

  • "Optimizing aircraft power"

    Military aircraft power systems present a unique set of power quality problems. This article provides an overview of the aircraft power system, the most common power quality problems and new technology available to solve power problems, including military COTS on-line UPSes and frequency/phase converters.

  • "Online UPS system eliminates GC-MS shutdowns" -Laboratory Equipment

    Veolia Environmental Services, L.L.C. uses various GC-MS instruments that were encountering shutdowns and loss of test runs due to power problems. Veolia tried various types of UPSes to finally solve the problem with a double-conversion On-line UPS.

  • "Exploring UPS systems" -Electronic Products

    "Selecting a UPS that will meet specialized mission-critical requirements is a challenge even for the most experienced system engineer…” This article explains the three types of UPS design topologies and how they differ in design and effectiveness in the number and types of power quality problems they can address.

  • "Power Conditioning: Selecting the best power conditioning type product for your specific power problems" -Electrical Contracting Products

    There are many power conditioning products on the market and selecting the proper one for an application can be challenging. This article provides a simple, but thorough explanation about how different power conditioning products, such as a surge protector versus a double-conversion topology power conditioner, address specific power problems to help determine the best product for a specific power environment.

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