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Falcon Electric Adds Rugged Extended Runtime Battery Bank Option for Industrial-Grade SSG Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)

Long Runtime 40 Amp-Hour Batteries Operate in Extreme Environments with Wide Temperature Fluctuations

Irwindale, Calif. – March 20, 2012 – Falcon Electric, Inc. (, an award-winning manufacturer of online uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), frequency converters and precision ac regulators, today announced that it has added a ruggedized wide temperature (-30°C to 63°C) extended runtime battery bank option to its popular SSG and SSG-RP UPS products. The wide-temperature-rated batteries provide long back-up runtimes for protecting connected computers and instrumentation operating in harsh environments during a prolonged power outage. The new battery pack gives users over 10 times the battery runtime, compared to Falcon's standard 2U extended battery pack option.

The new battery bank carries a UL listing when powering Falcon's unique UL-listed SSG2.5KRP-1. UL is pending for the remaining models in the SSG and SSG-RP Series wide-temperature rated UPS product line. The SSGB-1S40-5U 40AH battery bank is a rugged battery option that consists of eight deep cycle, valve regulated lead-acid, maintenance-free 40 Amp Hour (AH) batteries and two internal one amp chargers. The batteries and chargers are housed in a sleek rack mount enclosure which takes only 5U (8.75 inches) of vertical rack space. For example, the servicemen and women that operate submarines must be able to depend on any crew member to hand-carry electronic systems on and off of the submarine. The 125 pound weight of a typical 5000VA rackmount UPS proves too cumbersome to maneuver. By separating the UPS into smaller modules, the unit can be easily and quickly carried on an off the submarine.

"The frequency of power outages, along with electronics and computers taking over more critical tasks, such as remote security cameras and oil well head operations, translates to runtime requirements that are measured in days, not hours," said Falcon's Vice President of Engineering, Michael A. Stout. "The success of our SSG Series wide-temperature UPS line is driving the development of accessories and options that are rugged and can withstand large temperature swings."

The battery banks may be interconnected or "daisy chained" to provide exceptionally long battery runtimes and can be easily added in the field after the SSG units are installed and in service. In order to ensure a reasonable recharge time, Falcon offers an optional charger system housed in a separate 2U rack enclosure. Each 2U rackmount charger module can support up to two 4 AH chargers.

The 40 Amp hour batteries join other options for the industrial-grade SSG UPSs including, an SNMP/HTTP agent board, frequency converter and ICB conformal coating.

The SSG and SSG-RP models are true regenerative online UPSs which are designed to give users the highest level of protection against a wide spectrum of power problems. Ideal for protecting equipment in harsh environments, these units can operate in extreme temperatures from -30ºC to 65ºC.

The SSGB-1S40-5U 40AH is priced at $2,995.00 and can be purchased from Falcon or through a local representative. For more information on all of Falcon Electric's UPS options, contact Falcon at 800-842-6940 or email

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