“Power supplies evolve to meet needs of boards and systems”
-COTS Journal

As computing continues to become more dense, power has a direct impact on the size, cooling and mobility of a board or box-level system.  Editor-in-Chief Jeff Child discusses the latest development in power supplies, such as new efficient products at the component, board and module levels, new partitioning strategies and advances in UPS technology.

“Making a case for modified COTS”
-Defense Tech Briefs

This informative article explores developing a modified COTS project that incorporates power protection and conversion. Important issues include ruggedization, environmental factors, and purchasing reliable components from proven products. A case study shows how a large military contactor and UPS company successfully designed a 12kVA power system with unique capabilities to be housed inside a HMMWV’s shelter enclosure.

“Unique COTS application of the double-conversion on-line UPS”
-Military Embedded Systems

Engineers often use a double-conversion on-line UPS for battery backup requirements. Yet, this technology offers more capabilities that are not often realized. It can be a real problem-solver for a systems design engineer looking to address challenging power issues with new military technology, including frequency conversion and the need for ultra-precision regulation.

“Online UPS and power distribution challenges”
-Electronic Products

It is challenging to find the best solution to effectively and reliably power equipment in today’s high technology military applications. There are multifunctional COTS online UPS and PDUs that can solve problems in specific environments, like dealing with unstable generator power, high temperature, harsh elements, shock, vibration, etc. This article covers the issues and features to consider when designing a solution for these applications.