Reviewed & Endorsed by Editors Wordwide

Industrial UPSs are a necessity in protecting critical applications. Falcon’s SSG Industrial UPS (wide and ultra-wide temperature models) have been reviewed and endorsed by editors worldwide. Falcon’s next-generation online SC UPS, introduced in 2016, has also received widespread endorsements.

CSE 2018 Product of the Year Finalist: LiFePO4 Battery

CSE magazine gave Falcon’s lightweight LiFePO4 battery the top Finalist Award. It offers users 3 to 4 time longer battery runtimes!
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Control Engineering – 2018 Award for SSG Industrial UPS with LiFePO4 Battery Option

The editors awarded the SSG UPS with LiFePO4 battery that provides a long service life and battery runtime at 1/3 the weight of its lead-acid equivalent. Read Full Review

Oil & Gas Engineering – 2017 Gold Winner in Competition

Oil and Gas Engineering magazine gave the top Gold Product of Year Award to Falcon’s SC Online UPS. Read Full Review

Government Computer News (GCN) – Product of the Month

“The SSGKRP-1 has a surprising amount of technology packed into it for a UPS. Yet, it’s able to support those impressive internal components in environments that would kill most computers. It’s a UPS with brains and brawn — and more than a little endurance. It’s kind of like the Navy SEAL of the UPS world, which is why we chose it as our GCN product of the month for August.” John Breeden II, Lab Director, Government Computer News magazine.

Falcon UPS Systems Keep Water Facilities Operating Reliably

Environmental Science & Engineering magazine reviews the benefits of using Falcon’s SSG  Industrial UPS for protecting mission-critical water facilities. Read Full Review

Plant Engineering – 2015 Product of the Year Finalist: SSG Industrial UPS

“The product designers and product managers who deliver this year’s roster of innovations are at the end of a long journey that began by listening to plant personnel, and by turning those ideas into products to improve the way we work…We’re pleased to honor Falcon Electric as Finalist in the 2015 Product of the Year Awards” Read Full Review

Consulting Specifying Engineer (CSE) – 2015 Product of the Year Finalist

Falcon’s FN Redundant N+1 UPS was awarded CSE’s Product of the Year Finalist for 2015. This is an honor since CSE magazine sets high engineering standards and is written by engineers and industry professionals. Read Full Review


Additional Reviews

“Falcon Electric makes the best UPSs available, so we’ve standardized on them. What’s good enough for NATO, Lucent and General Atomics, is good enough for us.” – Robert Bruce Thompson

“If your work is worth anything, it’s worth protecting with a UPS, and Falcon is the best I know of. Highly recommended.” Dr. Jerry Pournelle, computer expert and columnist

Why is it critical to install an industrial UPS vs. an office-grade UPS?

Installing the wrong UPS for critical industrial applications is not a wise decision. Office-grade UPSs are simply unable to protect critical systems with the required high level of reliability, especially in harsh environments. Most on-line UPS models are designed for temperature-controlled environments and have an operating temperature range of only 32°F to 104°F.

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