“Battery options for uninterruptible power supplies”
-NASA Tech Briefs

A technical and thorough overview of VRLA battery technology and how these batteries are used in UPS technology. Includes details on the VRLA battery’s charge and discharge electrochemistry. Also, provides information on factors affecting battery life, such as usage in high temperature environments.

“Uninterruptible power supplies and cybersecurity”

How secure is your network from a hacker? Every network connected device, including a UPS, in a data or SCADA network is a potential backdoor into the network. You’ll have the most current information about cybersecurity, including how to protect your network and what to look for in a UPS SNMP agent, as they can differ widely by manufacturer.

“Power conditioning: Learn methods, techniques, tradeoffs for effective implementation”

There are many devices labeled as “power conditioners” that widely range in price and protection levels. Many users become frustrated with trying products, yet not solving the power problem(s)—leading to wasted time and money. Learn about different power conditioning features and what you require for your specific application—e.g. what is galvanic isolation and do you need this feature?

“The true cost of UPS ownership”
-Electronic Products

The actual cost of owning an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is much more than the initial price, especially when the cost of replacing batteries is calculated. This article reviews types of UPS, various battery options available, and how temperature plays a key role in UPS battery life. Readers can thereby make an informed choice about UPS and battery selections.

“Generator + UPSs: match or bridge to nowhere?”
-Electronic Products

Small backup generators often solve the need for extended battery backup; however, there is a challenge presented with a UPS. This article addresses the reality that many UPSs are incompatible with generators and can actually stay on battery or drop the connected equipment. The features of an industrial-grade on-line UPS are discussed and how this topology ensures reliable operation with a generator.