Advanced Features

  • Military grade design and construction
  • Double-conversion frequency and phase conversion having computer-grade output power
  • Split-phase input with a single-phase sinewave output solves phase balancing problems
  • Converts 45- 450Hz input power to fixed frequency 50, 60 or 400Hz output
  • Wide input voltage range with +/-3% output voltage regulation
  • Basic rectifier input greatly increases reliability in harsh power environments
  • Optional battery banks are available to provide battery backup capability

Unique Frequency/Phase Conversion and Power Conditioning Capabilities

The Falcon’s ED-M Series Frequency/ Phase Converter with optional UPS capability has been specifically designed for use in harsh mobile military applications. Yet it provides a reliable computer-grade output suitable for powering sensitive equipment.

The ED accepts 208/120 or 240/120Vac split-phase power from dirty utility, generator or aircraft sources and cleans it by converting the AC to a regulated DC. This is then fed into a robust PWM continuous-duty inverter. The inverter stage regenerates new, regulated, single- phase, computer-grade power of the desired frequency. Optional battery modules may be connected to supply on-line UPS and battery backup capability.

This double-conversion approach eliminates voltage transients, sags, surges and the frequency stability problems often encountered from ground-based and aircraft generator systems, as well as third-world utility sources.

The ED-M facilitates the connection of single phase equipment to three-phase sources while maintaining a balanced power draw from the individual phases. This eliminates excessive harmonics, generator overheating and the nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.

Superior output power quality is assured with ±3% voltage regulation and a pure sinewave harmonic distortion of less than 3%. Frequency regulation is maintained at ±1%. The output specifications are held over the entire input voltage and frequency range, no load to full load.

COTS Availability and a Rugged, Military Deployment-Ready Design

To accommodate field, mobile and aircraft installations, the ED-M Series has been designed to meet the shock and vibration requirements of RTCA/DO160, Zone A and the Munson Road Test.

Light Weight and Small Size is Ideal for Aircraft, Mobile and Shelter Usage

With a weight of 85 pounds, the ED-M is one-third the weight of other products. Its compact 4U rackmount form factor allows for easy integration into aircraft, ground-based mobile and shelter applications.

Aircraft – The ED-M converts 115/200Vac, 400Hz three-phase aircraft “Wild Power” to computer-grade 120Vac, 60Hz, single-phase power. It provides an easy solution to powering land-based systems from fixed-wing and rotary aircraft 400Hz power.

Mobile – Originally designed for use with HMMWV three-phase and split-phase output generator systems, the ED-M is ideally suited for mobile implementation and survivability. It has been theater-proven powering communication systems on board the HMMWV. Models are also available for use with generators having a single-phase output.

Shelters – Due to its light weight and small size, the ED is the perfect solution for powering sensitive, computer-based equipment from the small generators typically incorporated into mobile and land-based shelters.

Optional On-line UPS Capability – With the addition of optional 2U height external battery modules, no-break battery backup capability can be added to the ED-M unit. This flexibility provides a reliable source of backup power when local utility or generator power is not available without the extra weight of an additional UPS. It assures that mission-critical equipment being powered by the ED will remain fully functional during mandatory generator down times.