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As military and government continues to be faced with the difficulties of protecting our country’s interests at home and abroad, in an ever changing threat environment, an important emphasis is placed on rapidly implementing newly developed technology-based military and Homeland Security solutions. New technology must be swiftly deployed, operate from any domestic, international or military power source and operate with unfailing reliability. Incorporating Falcon MilCOTS frequency/phase converters and double-conversion on-line Uninterruptible Power products can deliver rapid solutions to these problems through our unique design topologies.

COTS grade products very often do not meet shock, vibration, temperature, interface and compliance to the specifications and quality demanded by the military. Falcon MilCOTS products have been designed to meet these demands since we are able to deliver the products in 8 to 10 weeks instead of the 8 to10 months associated with newly designed solutions. The military customer will have the added assurance of Falcon Electric’s theater proven technologies and reliability in every Falcon MilCOTS product deployed. We are proud to have our MilCOTS products deployed in our country and worldwide.

Falcon Electric has provided MilCOTS and custom products directly to the government, military, as well as to prime and sub-contractors for over 35 years, and has earned an excellent reputation for delivering reliable, quality power conditioning products on time and under budget.

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Special Topics:

Maintaining Balanced Current Draw from Three-phase and Split-phase Military Power Sources

Phase current imbalance on Military three-phase or split-phase, 400Hz power sources can be a serious and difficult problem to resolve. The problem is created when single-phase equipment having differing current demands are connected across differing phase legs. This can create excessive third order harmonics on the entire power system that can affect other three-phase equipment connected to the same power system. The level of the harmonics can increase to a level that results in the nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or the destructive over-heating of single phasing of three-phase motors connected to the power system.

The Falcon Electric ED-M Series Rackmount Frequency and Phase Converters provide the ideal solution for powering single-phase loads from three-phase or split-phase power sources, while maintaining phase current balance. These products have been designed to accept a 115/200Vac and 120/208Vac three-phase, or 208/120 and 240/120 split-phase inputs. Isolated and non-isolated models are available. The incoming power is converted to DC, regulated, and fed into a continuous duty, low distortions sinewave PWM DC-AC inverter. The PWM DC-AC inverter creates low impedance, 120Vac single-phase output power having a ±3% voltage regulation and < 3% THD. ED-M models have been designed to accept a wide range 45Hz to 450Hz input frequency. They can be configured for a 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz output. The models may be ordered with or without internal battery backup functionality. Without the optional battery support, the units will provide more than 100 milliseconds of ride-through. A wide temperature range battery option is available having a -60⁰C to +80⁰C operational temperature specification. The ED-M Series models have an operational temperature specification of -30⁰C to +65⁰C.

Single-phase Frequency Conversion

Falcon Electric offers several additional families of single-phase frequency conversion products in differing form factors. Many accept a 120Vac input, with a frequency of 47-450Hz, and have a 120Vac output that can be configured for a fixed frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz. Models configured as frequency converters will have any existing line or emergency bypass functions disabled.

In addition to frequency conversion, the on-line technology provides the highest level of protection against a widest spectrum of power problems, including brownouts, low and high line voltages, transients, spikes and line noise. Most models can be supplied with extended battery packs for long term backup applications. A DC start option is available, allowing the units to operate solely from a suitable DC source.

Board-level products are available and ready for integration into OEM products. We offer an input power factor correction board used in conjunction with our ED Series. It has a .97-.99 pf with an input current distortion of less than 3%, any single harmonic (CE101 compliant). Falcon Electric has been an OEM supplier of our board level technologies for third-party integration for over 35 years.

Falcon products have field-proven reliability in harsh environments. The applications include 400Hz to 60Hz aircraft frequency conversion, mobile generator powered applications providing voltage and frequency stabilization, 60Hz AC power sources on DC powered rail cars, shipboard voltage and frequency regulation, portable and fixed base communications power sources and international frequency converters operating from wildly unstable third world power sources.