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“I have purchased seven more and decided to include Falcon SG Series UPS with all delicate equipment in future additions.”

Technical Support Manager

Rosetta Inpharmatics

“We recommend to others who are considering the purchase of a UPS to protect sensitive equipment, to consider the On-line design of the Falcon Electric units…”

Electrical Engineer

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Falcon Electric, Inc. has been providing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power protection products for use in biomedical and laboratory applications throughout the world for over 30 years. Our Online UPS technology is used in key applications with prestigious customers such as Merck, National Institutes of Health, and NASA.

The applications cover the entire spectrum from forensics and hospital bio-medical labs to semiconductor production and uranium fuel processing. Falcon Electric’s SSG (-20° to 55°C), SC and FN2 (0° to 40°C) UPS families have been designed to provide the levels of protection, performance and reliability demanded by your critical applications.

Falcon engineers are available to assist with the selection of the exact solution for your specific application. You can also read our White Paper “Clean Power: How to Select the Right Power Protection for Biomedical and Laboratory Equipment”

True Regenerative Online Design

The SSG, SC, and FN2 models are True Regenerative Online UPSes, providing the highest level of protection against the widest spectrum of power problems. They are on the job 100% of the time generating the new, clean, tightly regulated power that your equipment demands.

With Falcon Online UPSes, the accuracy of your test results is assured due to their pure sinewave output voltage regulation of +/-2%. They offer the added protection of a “No Break” battery backup unlike other Standby or Line-interactive UPS products. They eliminate blackout, voltage and frequency instability problems that result in the costly loss of reagents, lab time, test samples and inaccurate test results.


The waveforms shown above are an actual demonstration of Falcon’s on-line UPS models’ ability to clean up the dirty utility or generator power entering your building.

Solves Localized Power Quality Problems and is Laboratory-Friendly

Falcon’s FN2 UPS has the input to output isolation necessary to eliminate many associated data communications problems caused by common mode noise and ground loop problems. This is a real benefit in older buildings where the electrical wiring and grounding are substandard.

The SSG, SC, and FN2 UPS products incorporate state-of-the-art Input Power Factor Correction circuitry. This greatly reduces harmonics that may adversely affect other sensitive computers and electronic equipment connected inside the laboratory or to the building’s power system.

Most Falcon UPS models feature optional 50Hz or 60Hz frequency conversion. This unique feature allows equipment designed to operate specifically on 50 Hertz European or International power to operate from a domestic 60 Hertz utility source.

Extended Battery Runtimes Available

Optional extended battery banks are available to provide extra minutes to many hours of battery runtime.