** If your server is in a high or low temperature environment, click here for product information on the SSG Industrial UPS.

SC On-line UPS – 700VA to 3kVA

The SC On-line UPS provides a cutting-edge, feature-rich technology at an attractive price. It offers the next-generation level of power protection for computerized equipment.

* Advanced DSP & SMD technologies use fewer components for maximum reliability
* User-friendly LCD display gives easy access to UPS status
* Rack/Tower configuration
* User programmable 50/60 Hz frequency converter

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SG On-line UPS – 5 to 6kVA

This SG is a highly reliable on-line, sinewave UPS with field-proven history. It protects computerized equipment by providing ultra-precise output voltage regulation and frequency. Options include: extended battery banks for hours of backup, input output galvanic isolation, frequency conversion and more.

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