Features & Benefits

    • Advanced DSP technology

– Enhances UPS performance, control, protection and reliability

    • On-line UPS design

– Prevents costly failures and ensures the highest reliability

    • Wide input voltage range

– Protects against damaging transients

    • Hot-swap, 5-year rated batteries

– Reduces battery replacements and costs

    • External battery banks

– Adds minutes to hours of backup time

    • Certified cTUVus, FCC Part 15 Class A

– Assures product safety

Next-Generation On-line Technology

The SC On-line UPS marks the next generation of Falcon’s trustworthy, ultra- reliable UPS products. The advanced SC On-line UPS family is specially designed to provide the highest level of power protection for IT equipment, telecommunications, servers, security systems and programmable logic controllers. The SC UPS utilizes a true double-conversion, on-line topology. Moreover, unlike standby and line- interactive designs, the SC acts as an electronic firewall between incoming “dirty” power sources and sensitive equipment.

Advanced DSP Technology Makes The Difference

The SC UPS has been designed using advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) microprocessor technology. DSP technology yields a high level of internal UPS protection, control, performance and reliability.

Wide Range Input Handles Damaging Input Transients

The SC UPS allows a  wide range of both input voltages and frequencies. Consequently, sensitive computerized equipment is protected against harmful transients of “dirty” power sources.

Programmable Frequency Converter

The SC UPS is easily  programmable for use as a 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency converter, making it the ideal choice for worldwide power applications.

RS-232, USB and SNMP/HTTP UPS Management

With the supplied software, all models support unattended shutdown, UPS management, data logging and power diagnostic tools. The software supports Windows®  and other major platforms.

An optional SNMP/HTTP agent board is also available

More Advanced Features:

* User-friendly LCD display – easy access to UPS status, battery and load levels and more.
* Programmable output receptacles – can be set to shed non-critical loads to reserve power for critical equipment during an outage.
* Rack/Tower Configuration – use as a tower UPS by easily rotating the LCD display.
* .9 output power factor correction
* Optional dry contact relay card