SSG Industrial UPS Advantages:

  • -20°C to 55°C temperature range
    The SSG UPS is agency-certified (UL, cUL, CE) to operate reliably in demanding environments. All 120V rackmount models and SSG 6kVA units are also UL 508 listed.
  • Long-life UPS: true on-line, industrial
    Tested and designed with robust components and materials, the SSG assures reliable operation and a long service life in stressful environments. It is a true on-line industrial UPS.
  • 12-year rated batteries cut service costs
    The long-life batteries cut frequent battery replacements and maintenance costs.They have a 12-year life at 25°C and 4 years at 50°C.
  • Extended battery banks
    The battery banks are easily expandable to provide minutes to hours of extra battery runtime.
  • Available options / Advanced communications
    NEMA 3R-rated enclosures, environmental protection, remote UPS management, environment sensors, relay cards – and much more.
  • Falcon – recognized for quality and reliability
    Falcon Electric is a recognized authority in industrial UPS solutions. Our technical expertise assures you find the right solution – the first time.