As this New Year 2024 has begun, here are two preventative maintenance tips:

  1. Check your UPS Batteries:
    As part of preventative maintenance, check your UPS batteries every six months to one year.If the battery packs or banks are to be stored for an extended period, we recommend charging the batteries for 24 hours every 3 months.  If they are to be stored in a high temperature environment, increase the charging cycle to every 30 days.  This will allow the batteries to perform at their best when needed in critical applications.
  1. Reduce Service / Maintenance Costs:
    Many companies are requiring cost-cutting. Falcon’s award-winning, SSG Industrial and Outdoor UPS systems operate from -20° to 55°C (-4° to 131°F) and have a field-proven history of slashing service costs and increasing productivity.

A typical UPS, especially those operating in industrial environments, is subject to costly and frequent battery replacements or premature failures.  Falcon’s superior, rugged design results in a reliable long-life UPS with a 4-year battery life @ 50°C (122°F)!

Note: Up to 72 hours of extended battery runtime is available on SSG Industrial and Outdoor UPS systems.

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