As the New Year begins, here are two preventative maintenance tips:

  1. Check your UPS Batteries:
    As part of preventative maintenance, check your UPS batteries every six months to one year.
  1. Reduce Service / Maintenance Costs:
    Many companies are requiring cost-cutting. Falcon’s award-winning*, SSG Industrial and Outdoor UPS systems operate from -20˚to 55˚C (-4˚ to 131˚F) and have a field-proven history of slashing service costs and increasing productivity.

A typical UPS, especially those operating in harsh environments, is subject to costly and frequent battery replacements or premature failures. Falcon’s superior, rugged design results in a reliable long-life UPS with a 4-year battery life @ 50˚C! (122˚F).

Companies worldwide have experienced enormous savings in money, time and productivity. Click here to learn how a Falcon customer achieved a major reduction in service costs and downtime.

Note: Up to 72 hours of extended battery runtime is available on SSG Industrial and Outdoor UPS systems.

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*Recipient of 10 product awards in the past three years, including 2020 Control Engineering’s Engineers’ Choice Award and 2019 World Oil Award.