Falcon SSG Industrial/Outdoor UPS Models:

The next time you are traveling in adverse weather conditions, consider the fact that many traffic signs reporting current conditions on a toll way or freeway are backed up in the event of a loss of utility power, by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Not just any UPS, but one that must be able to operate in all weather conditions including cold and hot weather. Falcon Electric’s SSG Industrial/Outdoor UPSs may not be able to get you home faster, but through their superior design, are essential when backing up critical equipment operating in harsh, wide temperature environments.

Cold weather can impact UPS performance in two ways. First, battery runtime is significantly reduced. This is due to the cold temperatures affecting the battery’s internal chemistry and increasing the internal battery impedance. The UPS battery capacity must be oversized to compensate. Industrial applications also yield many indoor or outdoor environmental issues including dew point condensation, high humidity, salt fog or airborne contaminants.

Hot weather can also be very detrimental to UPS performance. A typical “office-grade” UPS is designed to only operate reliably from 0° to 40°C (temperature-controlled environments). Heat can damage a UPS’s components, plastics and batteries, causing costly safety issues, downtime and premature UPS and battery failures. Often costly and frequent battery replacements are required every one to two years.

Only an online industrial UPS is specifically manufactured to withstand high temperatures – one that has been agency-certified (e.g. UL) to have a wide operating temperature range of at least

-20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F).

Falcon SSG UPS models ensure reliable online backup over the widest temperature conditions. Whether pre-configured inside Falcon turn-key NEMA 3R system enclosures, or installed in other non-climate controlled, protected locations, Falcon SSG UPS products have been designed to operate reliably over a wide range of environments that would render other UPSs non-operational.

The UPS electronics are reliable and robust, having a UL Listed operational specification of

-20°C to 55°C (SSG) and -30°C to 65°C* (SSG-RP). The batteries provide a reliable, long-life performance in hot and cold, temperatures. They have a 4-year service life at 50°C (122°F)! The option of applying conformal coating on the internal UPS electronics and powder coating to the UPS chassis provide the necessary barrier against condensation and corrosion. Many other options are available, including outdoor enclosures, extended battery banks with minutes to many hours of runtime, a 40 Amp hour battery bank, and remote UPS management (SNMP Agent, etc.).

Falcon SSG UPSs are presently deployed along California and Texas toll roads, in wastewater facilities, as well as oil and gas pipelines in the Permian Basin.

*Models available up to 70°C