When do you need it?

UL 508 is the Underwriters laboratories (UL) safety standard covering industrial control panels (ICP), and the equipment installed inside.  To receive a UL 508 listing and the authorization to apply the UL 508 listing label, the equipment manufacturer must submit the equipment to UL* for inspection and testing. Once found to be in compliance to the UL 508 safety standard, the manufacturer is authorized to apply the UL 508 Listed label to the UPS.


After the control panel has been installed, it is inspected by a local code compliance inspector. He verifies the installation and internal equipment are in compliance with UL 508. The inspector looks at each piece of internal equipment, specifically for the UL 508 listing label on the equipment.  Should the inspector not be able to verify the listing status of any piece of equipment, including the UPS, it must be removed from the control panel.

Wastewater Plant: A User’s Experience

For example, a user at a wastewater treatment plant installed an industrial control panel having an internal UPS.  The user explains, “Our local code compliance inspector would not allow us to use a UPS as it only a UL 1778 Listed label.” UL 1778 listing is the safety standard for UPS products. “He said it had to have a UL 508 listing in addition to the UL 1778 listing. How can I conform to UL 508 listing requirement and include the UPS?”  In this case, the user had to remove the UPS and install it in a protected environment at a substantial distance from the control panel; he had to run conduit the full distance and hardwired the UPS to the control panel.  This approach proved to be very costly.

*or an equivalent National Testing Laboratory (NRTL) listing.

The Solution: A UPS with a UL 508 listing

There are now only a few UPS manufacturers, including Falcon Electric, that offer UPS models having a UL 508 listing.  Falcon’s SSG Industrial UPS and SSG-RP High Temperature UPS models have both UL 508 and UL 1778 listings, in addition to the required Canadian cUL and European CE approvals.  These approvals provide assured approval by government and local code inspectors, avoiding expensive alternatives.

If you have any questions about your UPS and UL 508 requirements or need assistance with your application, feel free to email us: sales@falconups.com.