There are many factors associated with selecting the appropriate UPS for your application, including operating temperature, battery type and UPS topology.  While the online double conversion UPS remains the best option for critical applications, the overall success of choosing a UPS for your application relies on knowing the load type.

3 Load Types: Capacitive, Resistive and Inductive

Generally, there are three common electrical load types, two of which are compatible with almost any UPS topology.  It is important to know the difference between these load types when sizing and selecting a UPS. The most common type of device is an AC to DC power supply which is considered a capacitive load.  Resistive load types such as incandescent lighting or heating elements are commonly supported by most UPS types.  Both resistive and capacitive load types are supported by any of Falcon’s industrial or commercial grade UPSs.

The third and problematic load type for a UPS is the inductive load.  This load type includes but is not limited to motors, pumps, contactor coils and air conditioners.  Inductive loads present several issues when selecting the appropriate UPS capacity.  A common mistake is undersizing the UPS.  This error leads to severe damage to the internal components even though the labeled current draw on the device is very low.  The reason is that inductive loads tend to have a higher than listed inrush current demand at varying intervals that may only last a short time but can cause a severe overload condition beyond the UPS’s overload capacity.  The best method to determine the inrush current of an inductive load is to use a high-resolution power quality analyzer which is not usually readily available for most customers.

Falcon’s Technical Team Can Assist

With over 35 years of experience in the UPS industry, Falcon Electric can provide knowledge to select the appropriate UPS based on the load type.  It is important to consider the type of load that will be connected to the UPS to verify feasibility and UPS capacity.

Falcon Electric is a recognized authority in online, industrial and military COTS UPS solutions. Our engineering-oriented company has a technical team that can answer any questions.

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