Here are Tips 3 to 5 on how to prevent downtime with an industrial UPS, plus an example of a manufacturer’s experience in the wine making industry

3. Check the temperature range of a UPS and whether it is UL Listed (and/or cUL, CE): It is critical to have agency approval on manufacturer’s temperature specifications. Many industrial UPS specifications show a reliable temperature range, like the -20°C to 55°C –but don’t clearly indicate UL listing. Without this, you can face reliability, code enforcement and product liability problems.

4. Make sure you have batteries made for industrial applications: Many UPS under 10kVA use VRLA batteries to provide backup. In an industrial environment, these batteries can last only 9 months at 50°C. So, you are confronted with frequently battery replacements, higher maintenance costs and worry about whether they will work when needed. Instead, use new technology VRLA batteries with a 10 to 12 year service life at 25°C and 4 years at 50°C!

5. Look at any needed options for your particular environment:
-Do you need a NEMA-rated enclosure due to airborne contaminants?
-Do you need to ask for conformal coating of UPS components due to humidity or airborne pollution?
-Do you need to obtain extra hours of battery backup to prevent downtime-if so, make sure the industrial UPS is capable of additional battery banks, etc.

EXAMPLE: Wine-making with an Industrial UPS

A manufacturer for pH, sugar and acid-based titration analyzers used in wine manufacturing had this experience: One of the world’s large winemakers was using the analyzer in winemaking and it wasn’t working properly—and they had installed an office-grade “line-interactive UPS”.

The analyzer manufacturer did a site power audit.  An oscilloscope showed that the AC power at the facility was very poor.  Then, an on-line industrial UPS was installed at the winery and the analyzer started functioning properly, thereby saving money and preventing downtime.

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