Summer heat can cause damage to computerized equipment and compromise reliable equipment operation.  This is a simple fact and yet there are misconceptions that cause users to purchase the wrong UPS battery backup to protect critical equipment, especially applications located in areas subject to high temperature.

Fact: A Standard UPS (rated 32° to 104°F / 0° to 40°C) Is Not the Right Tool

Over the years, Falcon Electric has been contacted by users who had installed a standard UPS (32° to 104°F).  This UPS type is simply not the right tool.  It is not designed to reliably operate below or above the specified temperature range.  This results in equipment failures, UPS failures and UPS battery swelling, leading to costly servicing and downtime.

Fact: An Industrial UPS (rated -4° to 131°F / -20° to 55°C) is the Right Tool for the Right Job

Once a user decides to install a Falcon SSG Industrial UPS system, UL rated to reliably operate from -4° to 131°F, power problems have been resolved.  The application has finally been safely protected.  We have many customers give us feedback about solving power problems with our solutions and experiencing enormous savings in time, money and costly downtime, eg. the Florida City Water Department.

To read about Falcon’s SSG Industrial UPS family that is trusted and deployed worldwide, see our previous blog, “High Temperature and Industrial UPS Solutions – Falcon is a Better Choice”.

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